Collaboration with Balletto di Roma

Balletto di Roma has entrusted the re-interpretation of Giselle, one of the most famous opera ballets of the classical romantic repertoire to the contemporary authors Itamar Serussi Sahar and Chris Haring. The dance company brings on stage the double remake of a classic in which the tragic plot is masterfully blended with the ingredients of modern-day ballet and with the current thinking patterns.

Photos: Matteo Carratoni


For the first time, Giselle involves, in a single creation, two choreographers with different artistic identities, both experienced in creating creative approaches and a variety of choreographic arrays. Each of them is commissioned with one act of the opera ballet and both of them have managed to propose a thoughtful analysis of the plot thus shedding new light on the dramatic twists. Consistently with the original composition that portrays different events set in the earthly world as well as transpositions in the after-world, the artistic universes of Serussi and Haring with Liquid Loft define the two worlds in which the story of Giselle takes place.