Posing Project B

The Art of Seduction

The Art of Seduction, created for the Biennale di Venezia 2007 (Golden Lion for Best Performance) under the motto "Body and Eros" is a synthesis of dance and installation encircling the game of seduction between the performers and the audience. Here, the pose has to be understood as basic material, this trembling moment when the body pauses, seemingly rests in itself, while an image already separates from its surface to end up in the eye of the beholder. 
Photos: Chris Haring, Michael Loizenbauer

The game of seductions is a complex one: you have to make the other believe that you have what they need, without rousing their suspicion to the fact that you are only willing to give for selfish reasons. Or maybe you just need to be the most desirable object playing hard to get. Seduction wants to lead to a connection by means of mutual misleading. It will not work without the intervention of a third party – the arrow of Eros..

Video: Michael Loizenbauer

Eros’ arrow is this pull, this ray of flesh – the pull into infinity. This pull is only bearable through the folds of the artificial, the gestures of seduction, and the caprices of an untenable promise redirecting the suction without being able to stop it. The pull of Eros is like a striptease revealing new layers of dress
with each gesture of seduction.

These creatures, are they apprentices in Eros’ workshop, trying to learn the craft of an anonymous but benign, well, slightly naughty art of seduction? Their little manoeuvres of dressing and posing, their compliance to have alien songs and words coming out of their mouths, their sudden descend into the archaic abyss of sirens and monstrous models show their eagerness – but still … nothing saves them from falling prey to their own seductive strategies. Behind their backs the uprising of obscene shadows reveals the dirty little secret behind the glamour and the flirt – or maybe the insistence of old etchings, the power of de Sadean tableaux vivants for the initiation into the all too vivid manipulations of Eros. Even the most charming creature needs to rely on stereotypical models to learn the art of seduction; which is quite a
risk as Eros only loves singularity.

If you still feel lonely in the midst of a swinger club orgy Eros sings his melancholic song. After all – it is not about a man seducing a woman or a woman seducing a man but it is about seducing a world.