Posing Project A

The Art of Wow

Posing is a project about the cultural pattern of communication. The pose is a communication medium and expression of an attitude which transports complex meanings in a social context. The Posing Project consists of different projects which are all in context to each other and visualized in different stage settings. The basic idea deals with the art of innovative profiling and its direct influence on the recipient. The main focus is about impressive stereotypes which are advertising to seduce. In this kind of environment not the pose by itself but the method of posing is of critical importance.
Photos: Michael Loizenbauer

The Art of Wow

Nobody is ever on time, when out to impress. Only a second view reveals that there is no second chance to a first impression. The after-images vouch for uniqueness, but at that point the interview is, unfortunately, already over. To position and exhibit oneself, the very thing the stage is intended for; - it is all about creating vibrations. To announce that, which should stay a silent agreement between the actors and the audience means to make one vulnerable.

The impression professionals could become mere substitutes or “dummies” of this pressure to impress, that weighs upon all, who are supposed to market themselves as fulfillments of the employers’ standardized dreams. There the pressure to leave one’s prints in numerous eyes can lead to a retreat into one’s own chasm.  But similar to the child thinking it’s hiding, when holding its eyes shut, these “Asbos” (from the “antisocial behavioral order”, the stage affected) are exposed to increased danger of notoriety.

So they always stay in the waiting room of the big modeling agency of social role-playing and pass their attention-spans with the fragments of the chit-chat which the multiple bird of a wily sound installation doesn’t tire to whisper in their ears.

Video: Michael Loizenbauer