Dialogue Dance

Liquid Loft & Dialogue Dance Kostroma / Russia 
in collaboration with Dance Theatres Network (TsEKh) Moscow within the framework of "Factories of Imagination"
fotos: chris haring

video: sergei lintsov, cut: ella esque


It's like having a Google map to navigate an intimate journey through your inner landscape. Like the fear of the fear that something frightening might happen. It's the rehearsal of an emotion that you probably cannot stand, ambivalent to the exhausting feeling of a contemporary body going through technological changes with the taste of left-over erotic from yesterdays party still in your mouth. Out of billions of sperm cells I came in first place. I must be a winner if I already went through foxy levels of dimensions. I'm not afraid of you or your opinions and prejudices and given rules, but rather of my uncontrollable personalities. It's my own weather that frightens me. I should not go swimming if the weather forecast is bad. Poor Katja Kabanova experienced it a hundred years ago after she fucked up in Ostrovsky´s piece.
The taste still remains fresh. Again and again happiness is longing for repetition, but repetition can make the truth out of a lie. Did Einstein know that we could survive a chemical catastrophe when our feelings go disco ?
If yes, how could he then say "nothing happens until something moves"