Michel Blazy / Visual Artist

Born 1966 in Monaco, lives and works in Paris.
Michel Blazy invites us to go on a journey – into the very nearby sourroundings. Scrupulously he is paying attention to the small, unimposing things of daily live and invents dynamic definitions. With materials from building supplies stores, agriculture stores or supermarkets, he develops micro cosmical models for mulitdisciplinary researches about the system of life and at the same time designs – as it were as the Jules Vernes of arts – utopical scenarios. Thereby, he reacts upon processes, which are a result of the chosen substances and integrates unforseeble moments like loss of control or chaos. His working method under the motto „becoming and decaying“ implicates the understanding of circuits. That's why the factor „time“ is a further immaterial means of creation in his repertoires of forms (Text: Kunstraum Dornbirn. Translation: Liquid Loft)