Choreographic Cinema

l i v i n g r o o m     p r o d u c t      III
choreographic cinema / 3 positions

Friday 19. and Saturday 20.11.2010 from 18:00
Fr. 19.30 Opening & Performance "How far do you want to go" Sabine Marte

Sa. 21.30 Live Act GlimGrill and NTSC (dieb 13, Billy Roisz)

former GudrunKino Laxenburgerstrasse 28-30, 1100 WIEN

Films by
Shelly Love, Hiroaki Umeda, Barbara Doser, Hanna Gillgren, Willy Dorner, Tina Frank, Michaela Grill, Ninja Miori, Marten Nilsson, Manuel Knapp, Billy Roisz, Michaela Schwentner, e.a.

Screenshots: Daito Manabe, Shelly Love (Clingfilm), Hiroaki Umeda (Montevideoaki), lia (int.16/54//son01/30x1)

A juxtaposition of the newest video-dance films by IMZ and sixpackfilm in opposition to a series of documentaries / films about mold fungus, electro shocks, protozoal couples and motorcycling gangs selected by Ella Esque or the abstract audio-visual video art works curated by Michaela Grill. Their common denominator is the interest in a choreographic language of forms. The exploration of choreography on screen corresponds with the original function of the former Gudrun Kino, which now hosts rehearsal studios for contemporary dance. Projected choreographed images, complex cycles of movement or rhythmic filmic sequences merge into the installative setting of this event. The various progammatic strands are happening simultaneously in order to encourage the audience to change more than once between the different studios.

With the Living Room Products choreography not only leaves the setting of the theater, but also the socially designated places for art practices in general and seeks to get in touch with other forms of contemporary art. These events are meant to encourage experiments for new working methods and the development of ideas and concepts and for artists of different genres to meet in a private living room atmosphere.


A programm by Liquid Loft in collaboration with IMZ and sixpackfilm within the framework of Living Room Products. Curated by: Michaela Grill, Ella Esque, Chris Haring.