Jakob Lena Knebl / VIsual Artist, Performance

Born 1970. Graduated from the University of Applied Arts in 2006, Department Professor Raf Simons. Later, University of Fine Arts, class of Professor Heimo Zobernig. Together with Gerald Grestenberger, d-g-v, co-operator of the artist run space "auto". Member of the design collective "house of the very island's club division middlesex klassenkampf but the question is where are you, now?"

Exhibitions and Performances (selection)
Jakob Lena Knebl with Lone Haugard Madsen as Heimo Zobernig in the performance by Heimo Zobernig: "Heimo Zobernig erklärt seinem Double wie man eine Performance macht" (Heimo Zobernig explains to his double how to do a performance), MUMOK 2008, in the course of its performance series "Nothing Is Sexy, Nothing Is Embarrassing".
"I Queerelanti", group exhibition during the Gender Bender Festival, Neon gallery, Bologna 2008.
"Auto In Riga", Showroom 6, Riga 2007
"Open Up Communication" for the Tanzquartier Vienna 2009.
"Jack Smith Project - Berlin", 2009-03-19

Awards (selection)
Government scholarship for artistic photography, 2007
"Selfware Design Prize" during Graz 2003.