Jin Xing / Choreographer

Born 1967 in Shenyang in the Northeast of China, Jin Xing started dance education at the age of nine, at the local military dance school.
Only 17 years old, she received the "Best Dancer of China Award". At twenty, she became the first dancer in China to obtain a grant to study in New York. In 1991, she won the "Best Choreographer Award" at the American Dance Festival for "Half Dream". After six years in the US and in Europe, Jin Xing returned to China. In 1996, she set up the Beijing Modern Dance Ensemble, the first modern dance troupe in China. In 1999, she founded "Jin Xing Dance Theatre" as the first private dance company in China. In 2006, she established "Shanghai Dance", an independent festival for contemporary dance. Jin Xing’s artistic achievements have received recognition, not only from international audiences, but from art institutions as well. In November 2006, she was bestowed an honorary degree by the Dartington College of Arts, UK.