kein Körper unter diesem Anschluss


Kein Körper unter diesem Anschluss is a research project at Tanzquartier Vienna organized by Chris Haring (choreographer, dancer) and Katherina Zakravsky (cultural theorist, performance artist) with Robert Steijn (director, dramaturg, performer), Hans Scheirl (artist, film director), Yael Davids (artist), Alexandro Ladaga and Silvia Manteiga (video artists) and as participant via internet Ursula Endlicher (internet artist). Focus of the laboratory is the fact that the body is not an isolated unity but a nodal point within several networks. The body as reference point of all mundane relations and as synthesis of perceptions and actions (in the sense of Maurice Merleau-Ponty and other phenomenologists) is always already contaminated by the body as fetish, symbolic capital and site for projections. Thus all efforts to separate the living, active, "authentic" body (“Leib”) that is close to itself from the objectified, alienated "body" controlled by exterior forces are futile – even though they are still common in dance and performance. The sober investigation that examines the facts of physical existence and the alchemistic art of transforming petrified body things into rich and joyful flesh have to work together.