Robert Tirpak / Dance

Dance education and experience

2009-2010: teaching floor work on International Contemporary Dance workshop – Prague, CZ and Iwanson School.
2007-2008: cooperation with Artyci / project Sui Generis
2002-2006: cooperation with Chris Haring: Fremdkorper, Vivisector
2003-2010: teaching of the technique "floor work" and dance improvisation TanzImpulse Salzburg, AT
2004: cooperation with Martin Gruber / project Miluj ma, AT
2003: nomination for the prize Rolex Mentor And Protege Arts Initiative
2003: cooperation with Editt Braun / project Tajine, AT
2003: cooperation with Peter Talhamer / project Shakespeare on the rocks, AT
2002: cooperation with Daniel Conrad / film 6 possibilities, CAN
2002: the participation on the young creator's meeting Place s Inside of
2000-2002: cooperation with Helena Arenbergerova
1998-2006: cooperation with Helene Weinzierl / projects Liquid underwear, System damaging system, ...and the damage done, Bon Voyage Gustav 1998-2000: cooperation with Jan Kodet / projects No end, Gates, CZ
1998-2000: classical dance study, VŠMU, Bratislava
1994-1998: member of dance Company Allegro, Bratislava, SK
1990-1994: member of folk Company Zemplín, Michalovce, SK