Alexander Gottfarb / Dance

Alexander Gottfarb graduated from Balettakademien in Stockholm in 2003 and in the same year he joined the youth company x.ida in Linz, Austria. Since then he has been working as a dancer with companies i.e. Tanzcompanie Gervasi, En-Knap (chor. Iztok Kovač) and Roderich Madl. He joined Liquid Loft in 2006 for the "Posing Projects". As a choreographer he has created pieces i.e. "Baga-Basta" (together with Milan Tomášik). "Marvel at the World" a solo created for imagetanz /brut wien in 2009 and the "Political Movements" premiered in 2010. Further he is part of THE LOOSE COLLECTIVE an Austrian based collective consisting of international performers and performance makers.