Stephanie Cumming / Dance, Choreography

Stephanie Cumming is Canadian dancer/choreographer/actress living in Vienna. Following her classical training, Stephanie graduated from the University of Calgary in 2000 with a Bachelor of Arts in Dance. She has been working with Chris Haring since 2003 and and together with him, Andreas Berger and Thomas Jelinek founded Liquid Loft in 2005 and has collaborated on and performed in every piece since the company's inception and has also worked as Haring's choreographic assistant.  In 2004 Haring choreographed the solo Legal Errorist for her for which she was named Outstanding Young Dancer in Ballett-Tanz Magazine. She also received a danceWEB scholarship in 2004. She has collaborated on various film projects with artists such as Mara Mattuschka, Erwin Wurm and Harald Hund. In 2009 she was invited as a choreographer to be part of Beyond Fr@nta, a project between dance organisations in four different EU countries. Her own work includes solos such as Ah Poetry (Szene Salzburg, Impulstanz), the short solo P.S. which was commissioned by Tanzquartier Wien for the opening of their new season, as well as her lecture performance Redneck to Cyborg: A Shared Transformation which premiered in Tanzquartier in 2009. In 2012 she created the short solo aurora borealis for the Austrian Dance Platform in Impulstanz. She also collaborates with Toxic Dreams and in 2014 premiered the full length solo "i dance, therefore i talk" in Tanzquartier Wien, which was written for her by Yosi Wanunu. Stephanie played the lead role in Gustav Deutsch's award winning film Shirley:Visions of Reality which premiered in 2013 at the Berlinale and continues to be screened at various international film festivals. She also plays a lead role in Daniel Hoesl's upcoming film WINWIN which will premier in 2015. Stephanie often teaches professional training in Tanzquartier Wien as well as giving workshops internationally.