Vilém Flusser pointed out, that in the era of "telematics“, i.e. that of the digital and virtual media and technologies, the body might appear as a useless residual resistance, blocking, with its broad back, the view of the screen, standing in the way of infinite possibilities that are being disseminated. In this sense, talking about the body as a killjoy would mean to be playing with the idea, that there could be a choice to have a body. Here the body is seen from a different, but also similarly distanced point of view as in dance, where it seemingly is at the center, but then again also serves as material and instrument.

So the strange possibility arises for dance and the virtual world, to meet where they are furthest apart: when spoiling the fun – i.e. when we take a skeptical, probing or asking, if not even accusing take on the body.

Lectures – open lab – presentations – discussion

Spielverderber opens a structure, where rules only exist to be broken, distorted or willfully misunderstood. So the body becomes a program everybody already brought along involuntarily. All the malfunctions of this program, its inertia and its crashes might unexpectedly prove that it is a learning program. The killjoy interrupts the game to provide it with new and better rules. To what extend do the participants experience their body as another killjoy – killjoys of gender, weight, age, impotence, etc. – and how are these resistances that confine the virtual space of infinite possibilities, adapted into new modules for the program? How can the useless body residues be turned into sources of new, strange virtuosity?

The demonstrations can be combined with sequences of movement, with models, with biographical accounts and practical demonstrations. Analyzing the body as a killjoy goes further, and explores topics like the bionic extension of bodies as an experience of a not yet known shortcoming. These subjective attempts at solving the problems are by the plurality of bodies, transformed – taken into the social realm – where they become a game. A game that has be spoiled for its own good.

With this in mind, a group of theorists and practitioners will meet for a short, but intense exchange of ideas, which will show the difference in their approaches to the common problem, can bear great fruit.