Lovely Liquid Lounge


with: Liquid Loft, Jin Xing & Jin Xing Dance Theatre
Lounge Guests: Stephanie Cumming, Lisa D., Jakob Lena Knebl, Hans Scheirl, e.a. Blog: http://transgression1.wordpress.com/

Liquid Loft creates a room. A Liquid Lounge. Persons are moved. Inside. Sensitively. They talk about encoding, outfit, transgression, sound bytes, settings, ... They walk gently, almost levitating. No one steps in. No one stops the process. China is vast and this too is a good thing. The socialite, or shall we call her a lounge lizard, tells of winters in the private room. In the back, Wan Tao is grinning. Strangers are posing, divas are whispering secretly. A lot happens simultaneously, the performance escalates, one feels at ease.

Photos: Michael Loizenbauer, Chris Haring 


The China Project is the central performance of the Lounge-Set and has been developed by Liquid Loft and Jin Xing Dance Theatre at the Shanghai Oriental Arts Center. The performance reconstructs sets of various zones of transgression, crossing frontiers of communication conflicts and their encoding. Gender roles, societal rules, the design of life and its surfaces become evident on the body. A very personal story, the design of being of Jin Xing: former colonel in the Chinese military, decorated as best dancer in China, successful choreographer, film actress and singer... Her transition from man to woman has brought forth the underlying, essential image of beauty, permeating society's surface. 

A copy/paste procedure presents dancers in an incessantly novel context and various constellations. It exhibits roles we take on and modify daily, as well as the lifedesign we continuously create ourselves. And it challenges codes in art, fashion and lifestyle in a very personal way. 


Video:  Michael Loizenbauer


He wanted to convey deep sorrow and heartache through very simple means, but was unfortunately a very bad poet. Transformation comes through simple verse and the border between tragedy and comedy, as the jester shows, is very thin. As are the borders between monstrosity and beauty, nature and virtuality, playing and simply being. The transforming body, with all its possibilities, in the end becomes a poem itself. One chapter of Orlando's life was framed by poetry. Following the famous literary work of Virginia Woolf, Stephanie Cumming's performance refers to the social construct of gender roles, the arbitrariness of our sense of time and the "involuntariness" of recollection. [...]


The second skin is the interface between the individual and the outside world. Despite all hopes and fears, projections and suppressions of society in its most current shape, the individual remains the protagonist on the stage of daily life. Skin is the combat zone, existence is characterised by a self-chosen look and feel, the outfit, and an artificially created self-concept. Neufundland reminds of the setting of a fashion show as a contemporary "theatre of sale" by Lisa D


Mode Française debates body standards in fashion design, the mechanisms thereof, and life in general. Freely re-designing these norms, the features and featured respectively, to participate in the spectacle, Jakob Lena Knebl scratches the surface, grazes the self, blinds and fascinates, is obscene yet moderate. The independent self questions the power of fashion, opposes social standards with plurality, intersex and the "queer idea". 

Summer of 1995

An eventful summer: The year is about to gain momentum with the Drag-King competition at the London Gay&Lesbian Film festival. Hans wins and on stage he falls in love with his co-competitor Jewels. At a meeting of the D@D@DandyDaddyDykes Gianni films the Kings with her aggressive camera. After a trip to Scotland with Svar, Hans flies across the Atlantic to visit Cathy. They travel down the Californian coast and on to the desert. Hans films Amy and Cathy at the Swimming pool. When he returns he finds Jewels ill with chickenpox. This however does not prevent Jewels and Svar from holding their T-Ceremonies. Film and Discussion: Hans Scheirl.