The existential idea of the piece is revolving around the question how a certain creature or character alien not only to us but also to him/her/itself, can be presented in the framework of dance based performance.

Fremdkörper is following a particular concept with a certain existential impact. Yet the concept is not realized in the manner of contemporary conceptual art but completely absorbed by a multimedia dramaturgy giving way to an "ambient aesthetics".

Photos: Chris Haring

A dominant element is the stage set-up: 6 white circles as extremely reduced life spheres, as minimalist habitats for new ascetic creatures - or as the negative image of 6 abysses. The set of creatures inhabiting these spheres is as heterogenous as their environment is symmetric. The sixth creature is a head living in a monitor permanently affected by atmospheric disturbances.

Science Fiction film has exercised a certain influence. Yet it would be misleading to interpret these characters as "cyborgs", they are rather alien creatures who slip into a human form in order to inhabit it in a physically intense way. The interrelation of media is structured around a choreographic center because dance is a medium especially fit for the display of alienation from one´s own existence in the medium of the body. The piece begins with 5 live performers standing in their spotlights apparently not active, but already present and presented. As they are not human they can be on "standby mode" - neither awake nor asleep but unconsciously ready for action, being watched and yet not watching. Sometimes the character in the monitor is sharing the life of the others, yet in the end it is silently laughing about their helpless efforts to overcome gravity.

 Video: Julia Willms Cut: Michael Loizenbauer