Diese Köper, Diese Spielverderber


„…these pre-telematic participants in the telematic game are, since they can’t be eliminated totally, to be pushed to the horizon of the field of vision, to the back of those players who stare at screens. And this consideration for the bodies, this respect for them, this view back to pre-telematic conditions, will make them appear constantly smaller and more and more uninteresting. They will shrink,[…] The fact that we start to detest the bodies, including our own, and that we start to focus on points, including the tips of our fingers, that we transfer our interests from out bellies and genitalia on the one hand, and the volumina around us on the other hand, towards our imaginary antennae, that is the cerebral nature of the emerging society.” (Vilém Flusser)

Photos: Chris Haring

A double organism at war with itself, an androgynous gecko appears and separates into two hungry body junkies lusting for real existence. A reminiscence of Plato's "Symposion": when humans were spheres, until they were cut in two for becoming too arrogant.

The technical world suddenly represents the archaic cosmos of which projection is reminding us. Yet now our junkies want to inhabit it themselves; they want to leave their tragically pointed light doors behind and gently enter the cosmic orbit. Only the breathing outlines stay left. Lines of light on the edge of their shoulders and arms. Like in Conturismo where the love for the pure outline represents the pure idea.

Video: Oliver Bokan Cut: Michael Loizenbauer