Legal Errorist


To take apart this stubborn unit of man who is always in danger of crashing and to lay bare its hidden ingredients is already a moving pleasure. It's even more fun to rid this presentation body of its own presence, its integrity and its identity in order to create a challenge both physical and logistical. What is left is an alien in danger of becoming addicted. A body junkie. A genuine foreign body which in its moments of inertia and confusion changes from one program to the next, or indeed not.

Photos: Chris Haring, Mara Mattuschka

The idle body retains a certain volume and rests, seemingly without a function. Yet in the deep recess of this mass a change from one control unit to the next is being secretly prepared. This body still moves along while perfect little machines would already smoke and grind. Today's errors will be the programs of tomorrow. She stands there transfixed, offering herself in refusal like a comic book character. No, I will not sing a song for you! But then a melody crawls out of her throat for yet another error has sneaked in and activated the next best program. For the right toe does not know what the left corner of the mouth is doing. Nevertheless, every single being present is being properly instructed, to be safe, even though this body junkie doesn't know exactly how many living souls one square meter can contain.

A choreography from the laboratory "Diese Körper, diese Spielverderber".

 Video: Oliver Bokan Cut: Michael Loizenbauer