My Private Bodyshop


My Private Bodyshop is about translation and synchronisation of bodylanguages. By synchronising the exterior voice with their own body language the performers and the synchronising musician Andreas Berger create hybrid subjectivities that can serve as models for survival in the new public/private "virtropolis." Personal sounds and stories in different languages were manipulated on the computer and given back to the dancers.The result is a very interesting content with strange and shifted but very organic sound movement that influences the body language of the dancers as well as the discourse of choreography.

Photos: Michael Loizenbauer

One main aesthetic element is the acoustic (or sonic) display of this new hybrid social space. The voice has always been considered as the very core of the private self, the main channel through which the interior can invade and address the exterior space. Yet with media and corporate power developing as indicated above the voice is becoming in itself an allegory of the "media" (even in the old "spiritist" sense) possessing the intimacy of subjects that cannot define the thresholds in between private and public. The allegorical characters we work with on stage are being synchronised. Some public and generic discourse of intimacy is taking hold of them and turning the stage presence inside out. At first glance this seems to be a critical comment on the estrangement of the private sphere in the age of "Big brother" and container shows. Yet this aesthetics proves to be richer and more ambiguous as the performers also respond to the voices that inhabit them.

Video: Michael Loizenbauer