Kind of Heroes

Heroic Epic

Dancers move through a stage set by Erwin Wurm; filmed by Mara Mattuschka, scenery by Thomas Jelinek and with bashful bodily (con)texts magically evoked by Katherina Zakravsky. Live-Music: Andreas Berger. Dancers are heroes who, on the stage of life, are beamed into black boxes canonised by art. In Chris Haring's choreography, science-fiction-generated choreonauts, as negations of heroic myths, get into performative difficulties.
Photos: Michael Loizenbauer

Stephanie Cumming
gets caught up in shame and embarrassment in her solo "Heroine" as an anti-Laura Croft. In the trio "Kind of Heroes" Ulrika Kinn Swensson and Johnny Schoofs also seem to have become infected with a shame virus. The spectacle turns "real heroes" into mass-produced goods and uncovers the rubbish heap of modern hero cult and. with its makeshift, patched, stammering beings, the performance exhibits anti-heroes that remain embedded in the memory like Baudrillardian warnings:
"Don’t allow yourselves to be tempted!" This is about heroes. But, of course, something has gone awry with the myth of these heroes. These heroes are bashful. How can a bashful figure of a hero function? David Bowie ostentatiously and provocatively sings to those bashful souls: "We can be heroes...!"Yet, how is it possible for this body afflicted
with awkwardness, this sellout item, this readymade, this body gone awry to become that of a hero?



Video: Michael Loizenbauer